About Us
I am Harry Dsoza having many years of experience with www.dreamtimecampers.com.au and facing smooth and efficient property trnsaction services of conveyancing process. You can always checkout the blog sites if one is very new and a first time buyer or a seller. There are innumerable information to guide you in conveyancing and allied activities. With a purpose to create awareness and right intention to provide first-rate services conveyancing at a much cheaper rate fitting reasonably in your pocket.

Get the best quote ever in the journey of finding for the Soliciting Conveyancer

Real estate transaction costs you your time, money and energy. Every step in the buying property involves legal transacting cost. We at Dream Time Campers can offer you the least quote of all times. We understand that transferring ownership is not that easy a job. Conveyancing work is highly specialized and highly technical. It involves parallel legal process with the worry of shifting and procuring for mortgages. But buyers and sellers of the immovable properties look for doing conveyancing smartly. Most of them involve soliciting conveyancers. We provide affordable property conveyancing services in Australia and offer legal advices to our client for property value.

Experience of more decades in serving the clients consulting for property validation and legal advices has taken us a long way. We are here serving the buyers’ side as well as the sellers side by relating to the other side legal counterparts. We have experience in dealing with estate engaged conveyancers who work on commissioned basis. Beware of those!

Ours is a team having membership of Australian Institute of Conveyancers. Our company works on the principle of One-Time-Fee Policy.

Our conveyancing team will provide you a one package service with following disciplines in their work:

1. Protect your interests;
2. Be your advocate;
3. Keep you informed at every step; and
4. Ensure you can exercise your rights and meet your responsibilities.

Tackling those Challenges and also those unforeseen conditions:

Every transaction is unique and one of its kind in the size of property, in the type of the client and the work that comes to us. There are multiple legal sides of each property to deal with. Expecting the help of buyer’s side conveyancer for the seller is just impossible. As conveyancer of the seller’s side will see profit side of the sellers.

Conveyancing is an expert's job: to be safe, you should engage an expert. Sometimes a transaction requires additional work that was not foreseeable at the outset. A conveyancer is entitled to charge additional fees for additional work. But ours is conveyancing on one-time payment package with quite a distinction added into each step.